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So Cold EP

So Cold is the third EP released by alternative/rock quartet Breaking Benjamin. It was released on November 23, 2004. It contains live versions of "So Cold," "Breakdown," and "Away" from We Are Not Alone, as well as studio recordings of "Blow Me Away" from the Halo 2 soundtrack, and a song entitled "Lady Bug", which was recorded during a session at Saturation Acres, during production of their first album, Saturate. In an interview with Guitar World, Aaron Fink and Ben Burley said that the movie 28 Days Later was an inspiration while writing the song, because of its feeling of desolation.

The EP is also an enhanced CD, which contains minimal user interactivity.

Music video

The music video of So Cold shows a preacher standing at the edge of a swamp. The story takes place in the 1800's, judging by the style of clothing. The scene then shifts to a group of people walking in a forest. One man can be seen carrying a large stone with the Breaking Benjamin Celtic knot on it. He is shackled to it throughout the video and struggles carrying the stone. Towards the end of the music video the group of people arrive at the swamp where the preacher is. Then the man carrying the stone walks into the swamp and drowns.

        Vydáno:23.listopadu 2004

       Track Info

           1.So Cold (Live Acoustic) - (3:54)             2.Blow Me Away - (3:25)            3.Ladybug - (3:02)
           4.Away (Live) - (3:23)
           5.Breakdown (Live) - (3:43)
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